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We currently specialize in Dallas and Houston weddings, but are always open to travelling to any surrounding cities to assist you with your day!


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We reserve dates when we receive deposit payment during your contract signing. At that point, your date is officially locked in on our calendar.


Will you hold my
wedding date?

The common thread of the weddings we plan is that the smaller details, the finer details, the grandiose details, and everything in between act as an expression of our couples' day and love story. They feel comfortable to step outside what they might see on Pinterest or at their friends’ wedding!


What type of weddings
do you plan?

Yes! You will always have both planners present both throughout your planning process, and on your big day. We have found that this allows us to provide ample support and event coverage during setup and execution. 


Will the two of you be present
the day of my wedding?

There are no set guidelines for who we will accept as a client. Rather, we focus on working with people who prioritize a high touch, collaborative process producing elevated details for their big day.


What type of client do we
typically work with?

The short answer - this changes per client! We follow our foundational process for each service that we know has been proven to work best for our couples, however, we tailor that process based on the timeframe a couple hires us, their preferences, and personality!


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